port forwarding and triggering

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port forwarding and triggering

Postby mbonney » Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:03 am

I am having problems with call quality and my VOIP service recommends opening up port for UDP forwarding on my router.
I opened ports 5000 - 6000 and used 5004 as a trigger. However, when I go to the command box and do a netstat -o command there does not seem to be any ports open for the bria counterpath program.

1. What ports should I open up.
2. what port should I use as a trigger, or should I open the ports up to a static IP as a server and not using triggering and assign a reserved IP to my computer.
3. What ports does Bria use?

Mike B
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Re: port forwarding and triggering

Postby Derek Jacobs » Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:11 am

Hi Mike

Ports either work or they dont.
If you have any audio then your port is already correctly open to your machine.
There is no way that opening a port will affest call quality.

These are the things that will:

Dell Optiplex (there is a fix)
Bad local network
Bad internet connection - not enough bandwidth - excessive jitter
VOIP provider trouble

You can seart troubleshooting by running some basic tests like found here:
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Re: port forwarding and triggering

Postby mbonney » Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:24 am

Thanks very much David.

Apparently some VOIP operators don't know this, your reply makes much sense.
I unfortunately am in China and any degredation on this end plus the inevitable delay to the US VOIP server creates problems.
Some days I have 380K upload and 1.2 download speed, but my ping is 200+ ms and jitter can vary. Pingtest gives the service a C- to a D, sometimes an F, usually just a D.

Will it do any good to set the QOS settings to reduce bandwidth and maybe limit the voice bandwith taken?
What should I set the QOS to?
Sorry to bother everyone but I don't see any explaination of the QOS setting .

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